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My Word Book

This is another little home schooling activity I came up with when my oldest who is wrapping up 3rd grade was in Kindergarten. We have kept the “My Word Book” activity going and adjust it over it. Now that my youngest is in Kindergarten, we’ve gone back to basics with it and she’s used it to reinforce some of her basic word families with it.

Here are the basics of what we do with it. This is what we need for this:

  • notebook
  • gallon size zip up bag
  • snack size zip up bag
  • tape
  • 3X5 note cards
  • paper lunch bags

Label the notebook “MY WORD BOOK” on the front so the child gets excited about HIS/HER new activity book.

  1. Take the paper lunch bags and write a different 2 letter family on the front of the bag with a blank  in front (you decide which ones and how many). For example: ” __ at”
  2. Take the 3X5 note cards and write a consonant in each (write all consonants)
  3. Take the gallon size zip up bag and put all the paper lunch bags inside and fold over the excess of the plastic zip up bag towards the back and tape the zip up (with the opening to the top) on the inside of the back cover of the notebook. This will make a pocket to keep your bags.
  4. Take the snack size zip up bag and tape it to the inside of the front cover of the notebook, with the opening to the top and fit the 3X5 consonant cards inside. This will make a pocket to keep the consonant cards.

Now that the book is set up, this is how they use it.

  1. Take a word family bag.
  2. Take out the consonant cards.
  3. Place each card on the blank to check if the consonant will make a word when put with the word family. Example:  “b” placed with ” ___ id”   (bid)
  4. The child needs to determine if putting the consonant with that family makes a word and if it does the consonant card goes in the word family paper bag.
  5. When the child has gone through all the consonant cards, they then empty out the cards in the bag and write out each word made in the notebook in a labeled page. Example: ” ‘id’ family”



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Phonics Family Flower!

I decided to share another form I’ve used with my girls before. This is more at the kindergarten level, to work on “word families”.

It’s VERY simple, but somehow, doing the word family in a flower seems to make it more fun for the kids. Specially if you let them use a color pencil (maybe even a crayon) to write!

You give the child one of the forms and will in the middle of the flower with whatever family you want to work on. The child then has to write a letter (or letters) that when added to the “family ending” would make a word.

For example, when we worked on the “AT” family. I would write “AT” in the middle of the flower. The girls could add:

B   for B-AT,  C for C-AT, M for M-AT… etc.,  etc., etc.   I made 6 petals on the flower, and in some cases the flowers have more than 6 (basic…simple 3-4 letter words) in the family… you can have the child write it on the side…along the grass…or draw another flower on the back with the extra petals! You can use this beyond just basic simple families too! There are lots of uses for the flower form. How creative can YOU get? :-)

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