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Disney introduces network’s first openly gay couple…

I know this can be a controversial topic, but I’m wondering what your thoughts are on the network’s move? Do you agree or disagree with it? Is it progress for kids who are being raised in families with two same sex parents? Do you believe only heterosexual couples should be shown still? Will this affect whether you allow your child to watch the network? Do you applaud or frown on the network’s move?


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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Look back at our Green Play date

BMDD-Irish Proverb 1


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Hope you have another wonderfully blessed day and you spend it making some great memories. If you haven’t already, take a look at a post from St. Patrick’s Day 2011, when I posted about our green themed play date! SO MUCH FUN! What do you think?


Positively Gigi-3

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Valentine’s Day Play Date for the Kiddos…

With all the traveling and all we’ve been doing lately, it’s gotten pretty tough to schedule in what used to be our monthly play dates for a while. We have missed them and were in  much need of time with friends. Today we got a chance to get a last minute get together ready and thought we would share it with you… :)

Here are some pics from the play date…. The kids had fun playing, making their own pizzas (with heart shaped pepperoni), having ice cream,  exchanging Valentines, and taking home some Valentine’s Day inspired candies, snacks, and goodies. My girls had a wonderful time with their friends and I had a great time with my friends (other moms!)… it was a great day! :)

Valentines Day Play Date-1e

Valentines Day Play date-4e Valentines Day Play Date-3e Valentines Day Play date-2e



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