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Sex Ed in Kindergarten?

Just heard about this…. within the next two years, Chicago school will be bringing Sex Education STARTING IN KINDERGARTEN. While most kids take sex ed. in 5th grade, kids in Chicago will start to go into the following and more material and information in higher level grades from there:

BMDD-Kindergarten Sex Education Ad-1


What do YOU think? Is it TOO early? Is it progress? Would you opt your child out? Do you applaud the move? Is it TOO young to start exposing children to some of this material, or is it necessary? If you home school, when do you tackle the topic AND HOW OR WHAT do you explain at different ages? How much information is too much, not enough and at what ages? Comment here or join us on the blog’s FB page, and share your opinion!

Positively Gigi-3


Here is one of the major news networks report on this news:



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Alphabet Box Scavenger Hunt!

I needed an activity to keep my little one (5 yr old-kindergarten grade level) busy. I figured whatever activity I gave her needed to be fun and should keep her attention for a good little while.  And, it would be great if it would somehow re-enforce her learning. This is what I came up with:

The Alphabet Box Scavenger Hunt!

It’s a plain ice box I had around the house. It has a handle and it’s not heavy (so she can carry it around) and it’s not too big, so the things that go into it are limited in size also.

The point is for her to go around and find an item that starts with each letter in the alphabet and see what she can come up with. She thought it was fun… like a scavenger hunt type thing. And it was nice to see how creative she could get also.

Here’s what she came up with in the end:

  • A: Alvin and the Chipmunks DVD
  • B: Barbie DVD
  • C: Checkers (game)
  • D: Doll
  • E: Egg (play food)
  • F: Fox (swiper the fox toy)
  • G: Guess Who? (game)
  • H: Horse (stuffed animal)
  • I: Ice cream (play food)
  • J: Jacket
  • K: “Knee hitter” (from play doctor kit)
  • L: Littlest Petshop toy
  • M: Mermaid (Ariel doll)
  • N: Necklace
  • O: Orange juice (play food)
  • P: Pony (My little pony toy)
  • Q: Queen Crown (dress up)
  • R: Red grape (play food)
  • S: Slipper
  • T: Tea pot
  • U: Uptown Girls DVD
  • V: Violin
  • W: Wig (dress up)
  • X: “X” on paper (she drew)
  • Y: Yellow lemon (play food)
  • Z: “Z” on paper (she drew)

This was a pretty fun activity for her and kept her busy for a little while. The things were small enough that we didn’t have a HUGE mess. When she was done collecting, she had to bring the box to show me. She took all things out and then put them all back in the box as she showed me what she found in alphabetical order. When she was done showing me, everything was in the box, and I asked her to now put things back where they go and clean up from the activity was not a big deal at all! An easy way to keep the kids entertained when a quick activity is needed.


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Phonics Family Flower!

I decided to share another form I’ve used with my girls before. This is more at the kindergarten level, to work on “word families”.

It’s VERY simple, but somehow, doing the word family in a flower seems to make it more fun for the kids. Specially if you let them use a color pencil (maybe even a crayon) to write!

You give the child one of the forms and will in the middle of the flower with whatever family you want to work on. The child then has to write a letter (or letters) that when added to the “family ending” would make a word.

For example, when we worked on the “AT” family. I would write “AT” in the middle of the flower. The girls could add:

B   for B-AT,  C for C-AT, M for M-AT… etc.,  etc., etc.   I made 6 petals on the flower, and in some cases the flowers have more than 6 (basic…simple 3-4 letter words) in the family… you can have the child write it on the side…along the grass…or draw another flower on the back with the extra petals! You can use this beyond just basic simple families too! There are lots of uses for the flower form. How creative can YOU get? :-)

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