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Bedroom Christmas Trees and Girly Wreaths….

This is a bit of a side post because I wanted to share it. :) We live in a two story house. Last year I decorated the Christmas tree downstairs because I wanted it to look neater than the years past when the girls did it themselves…  so I got them a tree upstairs that they got to decorate. Their tree is the one that could be seen outside from a window, and they liked that idea.  The girls were sharing a room last year as well and they had a little tree in their room, but this year they have decided to separate into their own rooms and each wanted a tree. Since I wasn’t going to be purchasing a new tree each, we decided to make some. This always gives us the chance to have another activity, get creative, have something unique that each person likes, and it’s “usually” more economical. This is how the girls made their trees….






5.  Voila! 


Then the girls had friends over yesterday and we decided that we should make something… so we made some girly wreaths to go along with their trees….  Everything was from the dollar store… the green foam round –$1 each–is for floral, but we used it and plan on using it and changing it according to season or holiday from now on. Right now, we used 1 feather boa around it $1 each, then a loofah sponge at the top as decoration (in lieu of a bow)–these came 6 for $1!!!!– some hair clips –2/$1–, pig tails –8/$1—, a lip gloss –2/$1—, and some cute little rose soaps –8 roses or so for $1–, that the girls thought were the coolest thing! :)

The girls really liked them… mine have theirs hanging off their bedroom doors, and I was told by my friend that her girls are looking forward to getting some wreath hangers today so they can hang theirs too.  Here’s what those look like:


A cute project, keeps them busy for a bit, they LOVE all the girly stuff, it’s not a very expensive project, and they get to keep all the stuff and use it after Christmas. My girls got to have fun with their friend and the girls got to take their craft home and they’ll be able to use it all after. Pretty neat.

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Sew, sew, sew a dress…..

I am not complete sure that this post goes under “housekeeping”, but we’ll stick it in here anyway. Every so often I go back to different things I enjoy. I don’t always have time to work some of that stuff, so it’s nice to make time for it. Over the past few days I’ve gone back to sewing a bit. The girls wanted “Hawaiian Dresses”! The girls liked some fabric and wanted skirts. Then I needed to make some outfits coordinate and I had to “fix” them up with coordinating ribbons sown, etc. And I made my first Ribbon roses, flowers, and leaves. I remember my great-grandmother making those when I was little, she had a ton of  varieties… maybe I’ll keep experimenting with it. The girls have started working on learning how to make the flowers and this can be something fun to do with your daughters…and gives you ways to be thrifty! If you find cute fabric on sale… voila! And if there are old outfits you want to revamp… get creative with ribbons, flowers, etc., to give them a face-lift!

With that said, here are some of the things I’ve made. No patterns, but these were very easy things.



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Today, I will be having a date with my girls! I think we are in great need of it and we have not had some JUST US time in a while because we were trying to get in as much time with DH as possible. When the girls and I go on a date it’s usually going out to eat and then either a movie or something fun that THEY enjoy and I can participate in with them.

So, the goal is to create a date with your kids! Give them some mommy/daddy time! It doesn’t have to be expensive, unless you want to surprise them by taking them somewhere they would not expect. But, even if you are just staying at home, how about setting the table “all fancy”, as my kids would say! Bring out some candles! Put on some music of choice in the background. Then after dinner is done, you can choose to either go to the movies with them, rent a movie, or do something else that suits your kids better. Maybe they would enjoy a “fun and active” date better! Go miniature golfing or play some video games with them! Remember this is about doing something THEY enjoy and we as parents get to participate.

Have fun, let your kids talk to you and LISTEN! Don’t bring up negativity to the date or your time with them. Take this time to work on making them feel as special as you can possibly make them feel!

I’m planning on a late  lunch date for the girls and I, then it’s off to catch a movie with them, and then we go get them shoes… I’m not into shoes, but my girls sure are!

Would love to hear what others do on their dates, comment or email. :-)

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