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Family First Friday Mission: Dec. 9, 2011

So, today the girls and I will be planning a playdate they’ve been wanting to have with their friends. We have not had a playdate or party of any sort in a LONG time. I was thinking and figured it will be a great opportunity to plan it together! So, for this weeks family mission, we will be planning a playdate that will take place NEXT week. That way, there is a bit of time to invite friends and get things ready. This time of year is pretty crazy and busy for most, so I’m not very sure of who will be able to make it, but since we will be out of town the week after that, we figured will give it a try and see who can make it.

The mission this week is to plan a get-together as a family… it can be something as simple as a little playdate to something larger like a Christmas party or dinner. You decide what works for you. Oh how much fun would it be to plan a block party with your neighbors!?!? :-) Just saying.

So, plan this week… we’ll party for next week’s mission!

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Family First Friday Mission, December 2, 2011

My girls and I have plans for today and we will be with friends… so our mission won’t be just us. So, for today’s mission, I’d just encourage you to find some way of making sure that you stay connected and do something fun… whatever that might be for you. Whether it’s just you or with friends… the family can have fun TOGETHER.  So go out and do something fun together!

Also, feel free to post ideas of other missions families can do to connect and spend some quality time together! :)

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Family First Friday Mission! A REAL CHALLENGE!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, and trying to teach our kids to be thankful for the blessings in our lives and a good steward them to help others, today I send out  a REAL challenge to your families!

I know that today starts the crazy shopping frenzy season. With Black Friday here and everyone focusing on what they can get, etc. (Which don’t get me wrong, if you’re going to shop, shop smart, so I’m all for looking for the best deals, just don’t want that to be the focus in our home.) I challenge your families to find ways to give back.. as a family. It could mean different things for different families. I understand that everything from ages of the kids involved to resources available, etc., can play a factor in what you choose and are able to do. BUT, how about actually trying to figure out SOMETHING you can do that will help someone else, make someone else’s day a little brighter, etc. Think of the value of what you will be teaching your kids?

These are some of the things my family has done where the girls have been able to be involved and we get to do it together:

  • Shop for and make packages to send to kids that would otherwise not get anything this time of year.
  • Shop for and make backpacks with school supplies for kids that need them
  • Sponsor some deployed military service members and ship care packages out during their deployments
  • Shop for donations to the USO – both for care package items or items that they get to have available for military families that stay behind
  • Bake for fire stations, neighbors, elderly in nursing homes, church fellowships, community organization events, etc.
  • Make meals for homeless
  • And others… even some stuff that we currently have been working on, and will post more news on when ready!

Maybe these give you some ideas of things you might be able to do with your family and maybe you can come up with something else that works for you… Maybe it’s just going to be volunteering to go read to kids at a library, specially if you have older kids that can read to younger ones… Take the kids to a nursing home and get them talking to some of the elderly… the kids usually LOVE to listen to their stories and the elderly LOVE to have someone to tell their stories to.

SO, the mission this week is to try to find SOMETHING you all can do as a family for others. If you wish, let me know what you come up with, I would LOVE to hear what you are all doing!

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