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Simple 5 paragraph essay outline form for kids…

This short post is just to share a form I made and use with my 3rd grader. This is what I have her use to set up her ideas when she is going to write a simple five paragraph essay. It’s really a basic outline form, but I just made it a bit more appealing to her and in a way that my daughter understand.

The basic format is that each the essay will consist of an introduction, three supporting, and one conclusion paragraph.

Once she starts working on each individual paragraph, each will also need an introduction sentence, three supporting sentences, and a simple conclusion to the idea of the paragraph.

On the form, she is guided to remember that the three supporting sentences for the introduction and conclusion paragraphs go back to “idea 1″ (the second paragraph), “idea 2″ (the third paragraph), and “idea 3″ (the 4th paragraph) of the essay.  That is where she would take each of those sentences to refer back to each of the 3 main ideas she talks about in the essay.

Then, for the supporting paragraphs, she needs to decided what the 3 main ideas, about the overall topic of her essay, she will be talking about are. She will need to be able to say one general thing as the introduction, as to let the reader know what that paragraph is about; 3 specific things about each idea (the supporting sentences), and a general thought about all she’s said about that idea (the conclusion sentence of the paragraph).

I find this helps DD a bit…and filling this in and then having it in front of her as she develops each paragraph seems to work nicely.  Maybe this helps out other home schoolers (or any other child) with their essay writing. If you have other ideas, please share them. I’m always open to learning more, specially things that will help my girls. :-)


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