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Christmas Play date!

As part of our Family Friday Missions a couple of weeks ago, the girls and I planned a play date. During the planning, we decided to make it a Christmas play date since it was just a couple of days away. It was meant to be a simple, easy, and no stress play date. Something where we could get together with friends and have a good time. With it being so close to the holiday parties, people leaving town, recitals, etc., we decided to leave it open to “come when you can” between 2-5pm. So, we had friends coming and going the whole time.

For snacks we decided to go with cupcakes, pirouline vienne waffers – mainly cause my little ones really likes them and to me they just LOOK so “Christmasy” for whatever reason, some candy canes,  green and red jello, and we had hot cocoa available for those who might want some, simple. So, simple, that I actually FORGOT about the hot cocoa! LOL The kids were going in the fridge and getting other stuff, so I just left them alone, and forgot about the other stuff… I must say, it was nice to sit and just chat with my friends. :)

The kids were all having fun playing and we had a mini gift exchange (everyone brought in a small something from the dollar store or similar…nothing overly expensive). The gifts were placed under the tree when they came in to the house… after playing for a bit, they gathered around the tree and everyone grabbed a present, something other than what they had brought. They were SO excited and happy. Sometimes, I really do think that adults make a bigger deal of things than kids do… they really can be content with such simple things!

It was a wonderful day with friends, both for my girls and myself. And, I want to thank my friends who were able to make it. I know some couldn’t because it was last minute, there were other plans already in place, and one little princess was sick and couldn’t make it. SO, this just means we might have to start planning our play dates a little more often again in 2012. Thinking of something cool for January… to my friends: I’ll keep you posted. :)

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