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Bedside hanging bookcases… made from shoe racks

I had been trying to get rid of a shoe rack my sister left here for MONTHS now. I even set it out at a yard sale for $1… no one took it! Then when I was gathering stuff to put out for trash, I decided to really look at it one more time and see if there was some way I could use it. Turns out it dawned on me that the thing separated into two pieces. It’s one of those hanging shoe racks, the ones you hang over a door. You can separate it and have 2 smaller ones. Well, somehow it dawned on me! I decided I could make some nifty bedside hanging bookcases for each girl. It’s a neat way to help the girls keep their books organized by their beds.

These pictures don’t show the real final product since I’m thinking of embellishing them a bit, making them match their rooms a little more. But, take a look. I took a pic of one half way done so you can see what I did. By the way, I used an old table cover and duck tape! That’s pretty much it. If you have one of these shoe racks and want to try it and find a way to re-enforce it better than with just duck tape, let me know what you do. The girls have asked me to wrap the whole plastic table covers with duct tape in their favorite colors… and I’m thinking about doing that. It would let them have it the color they want and re-enforce the “bookshelves” at the same time.

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