Got my days mixed up!

There has been SO much going on lately… I got my days mixed up with our crafts and we worked on TODAY”s Craft (decorating Canvas bags) Yesterday. I just now noticed it as I went over my schedule. So, instead of doing the bags today, since we did them yesterday, we will be working on the clay molding and baking which we SHOULD have done yesterday! It’s been slightly crazy lately, and I have to be honest… there’s been a few minutes when I think to myself, “WHAT WAS I THINKING?” This in terms of setting myself up to attempt a craft with the girls per day, which so much else going on right now. But, then we start working on the stuff and the girls are SO excited and happy, I just can’t help but smile. :)

With that said, thanks for visiting the blog’s FB page where I’m posting pics as I can. Not all the pics are coming out good since I’m having to do it with my phone (since I broke my cam)… thanks for understanding that as well and being so patient as I shop around for a new one. Thanks for the suggestions on budget friendly, yet good cams. :) I will be looking at a few that were either posted on the FB page wall or emailed to me.

Are any of you crafting with your kids along with us? Whether it’s the same crafts we’re working on or something different, we would like to know what you’re working on. I’ve tried to keep the crafts simple and fairly inexpensive or “free” by re-purposing, etc., throughout the month.

Hope you are enjoying having some crafting time. I must be honest, I had a different theme set for this month and changed it because the girls and I have been SO very busy lately that I decided I needed to give them some more “us having some uncomplicated, let’s not worry about where or when we have other stuff to do and just have fun together.”  Thing had just started to get a bit hectic and we needed to “bring it back down”. Anyway, that’s the main reason I moved crafting up to March.. it was originally planned for October! :)

Thanks for visiting the blog and checking-up on what we’re working on! :)


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