March 2 – Bean Picture Mosaic

Today’s craft will keep the kids busy and they usually really enjoy doing this. A word of caution: since we’re dealing with small objects (the beans) if you have very small children, you will either need to REALLY watch them, if you still think your child can handle this, or substitute with the optional change to this activity.

I’m posting this part of the activity early on in case anyone is wanting to craft with us and wishes to use some simple computer drawings I created. Otherwise feel free to use a page from a coloring book or something else you print. You will want to try to find something that doesn’t have a whole lot of small areas because it might be a little harder for their hands and unless you find a few different SMALLER beans in different colors, they need to fit in the different areas to make it look good.

With that said, you need to have a variety if beans (depending on how many different colors and or sizes you want to offer). I usually purchase a bag of bean soup dry beans. It has a large variety and although they are all mixed, the girls either separate the different beans or just pick out what they need or want as they go. And you of course need some glue. You will probably want to use actual glue and not “glue sticks” because the beans just stay on better once the glue dries. I suppose that if YOU want to, you could also get some double sided tape all over the actual picture and have a smaller child just “push” them on to stick.

Speaking of small kids… OR if you don’t have beans… there are several variations of this activity and you can use either crepe paper or tissue paper tore up and made into small balls… or you can use some construction paper and just tare it up into small pieces to be glued… etc.

OK, now just decide on the picture you want to work on, print it, and have fun.

I’ll post pics of the girl’s finished products on the Blog’s FB Page album for crafts. I invite you to do the same if you work on this craft with your child. :)

Feel free to print any of the following pages if you wish to use it with your child/children. Have fun!

I’m just now getting around to posting some of the pics of this craft, sorry…but they have been added to the album on the blog’s FB page… go check them out. :) And, don’t forget to post yours on the blog’s FB page, if you decide to craft with us.

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