Making Towel Hanging Loops…

I put this hanging peg rack right outside the girls’ bathroom so they can grab their towel as they go in and they have a place where they can hang them to dry when they are done. The problem was that they kept sliding off! So, my grandmother gave me the idea to make a loop for them and this would solve the little issue. Each girl also has their own color ribbon and can easily distinguish which is her towel, etc. Although their towels have different designs, it’s easier to just look at the ribbon. I’m all about whatever can simplify things and helps us keep things a bit more organized!

This was simple to do and took about 5 minutes to make both.

First you pick your ribbon, decide how long you want your loop, and cut. Form the loop and tuck the back over twice so you get a nice finish, and not just have the edge of the ribbon.

I chose to sew the loop to the side of the towel… pretty much as close to the middle as I could do it (didn’t measure, just folded the towel, figured where the middle was and placed the loop there!)

And voila!

Maybe this will help your kids keep their towels hanging… the girls were constantly having to pick theirs up before! :-)

I also added a peg rack to each of the girl’s rooms (behind their door) so they can hang their purses, belts, etc. Giving them a defined space/area to put specific things helps THEM keep their room neater.  I got these peg racks from my local dollar store and they are pretty strong and sturdy. So, check your local store before you spend more than you need to if you want to look for some peg racks! :0)

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