Updated Kid’s Essay Outline form WITH Writing Process Checklist….

I have updated the Essay Outline form my daughter uses and added a “Writing Process Checklist” sheet for her as well. I find that this helps her to know what to do until it becomes habit. Feel free to use this for your kids or in your classrooms, and to share with your friends who might also enjoy it. I just ask that if you link it anywhere you please link back AND you do not remove the web site address from the bottom of the pages. Thank you!

HS3-simple 5 paragraph essay outline worm form with writing process check list

Hope this helps other kids out!


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5 responses to “Updated Kid’s Essay Outline form WITH Writing Process Checklist….

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  2. Ruth Smith

    Great outline.I used a five paragraph essay outline with my students last year and it worked well. The outline helps to guide them and keep then on topic. I will use yours because its looks more engaging.

    • Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m glad you’ll be able to use this outline in your classroom. Thanks for letting me know. I hope I’ll be able to upload some other forms I use with my girls when I have some time. Perhaps those will help others as well. :)


  3. Nicole

    Great resource. Thank you so much. It is so cute, simple, and effective. Definitely a good resource to help me teach my ESL students how to start creating an Essay!

    • That’s so awesome Nicole! Thanks for visiting the blog and taking a minute to send me your encouraging comment. :) I pray this helps your ESL kids with their writing… I remember my ESL classes and how odd it can be first when you are first learning English. You’re making a huge difference in your students’ lives…. I’m sure they will remember you, as I fondly remember my ESL teachers. :)


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