It’s Wednesday Everyone! Half way through the week…

OK, the truths: 1. it’s not REALLY half way through the week, but close enough and this week, I’ll TAKE IT; 2. the way I’ve been feeling since this past weekend BEGS me to take any “push” I can get; and 3. I needed to focus on something positive.

Not sure what’s going on, but I have not been myself. I’m not really dealing with the stomach bug anymore, but I’ve been having dizzy spells, and feel pretty weak (I know it could be the anemia acting up…and I’m trying desperately trying to ignore that one… not ready…emotionally, to go back to the days of doctor and hospital appointments… I’ll have to do it, I KNOW, but right now…we’ll leave it alone.) I’ve actually struggled getting motivated and keeping up with just about anything. My kids and DH of course, had been sick…that always drains a momma out. And, now that they got better my little one (youngest) developed a fever OUT OF NOWHERE last night.  I’ve been watching her overnight and she’s been on acetaminophen and ibuprofen to control the fever. You mothers out there KNOW that when your kids are sick, it’s very tough on the mom too!

SO… for now, I will celebrate that it’s WEDNESDAY… I will consider it being half way through the week… and I will be excited about that! I have the ac repair man coming tomorrow… it’s also been an OVEN in here lately! I’m Thankful that the temp dropped tonight. I’m thankful that we can pay for the repair to take place, and that we can get it done before this weekend, when if I recall correctly, we’ll be hitting the 90’s.

Wondering what others are accomplishing this week? It’s GOT to be a much more productive week than what it’s been for me, thus far. Oh well, not everything I would have liked has been done, BUT the basics have been covered, so I will allow myself to be OK with that. I’ll keep an eye on my youngest today and keep her from church tonight. She needs her rest to get over this and I don’t want her passing whatever this might be on to anyone else. Tonight we’re supposed to be having “Grandma’s Spaghetti and Garlic Bread” for dinner, which is one of her favorite meals anyway (pretty much the only way the kids will have spaghetti… have to make the sauce JUST LIKE GRANDMA —my grandma, their great-grandma— or it’s not good! :-D ), so it’ll be nice for her.

With nothing else, for now… I leave you with:  Buenos Dias! Espero tengan un dia lleno de Bendiciones y alegria! …. Good Morning! I hope you have a day full of Blessings and Happiness! ;-)

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