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Anti-Bullying 24/7: A Friendly Reminder

Anti-Bully 24.7 Series- Encouragement and Inspiration at

A Friendly Reminder

School is starting up for some people and I want to address the issue of anxiety. A lot of people have anxiety and whether it’s an actual issue for them, just for the first day of school, or specifically for big events, it’s still a big deal. A big misconception about anxiety is that it’s a higher level of fear. People with anxiety can tell you that it’s not fear at all; it’s its own category and it has its own scale.

For people who do have this issue, the first day of school can be terrifying. Forget the fact that you’re starting a new grade with new people and teachers, there is always the fear of bullying. Bullies take advantage of people with anxiety by toying with them in order to make them more anxious and uncomfortable. They will taunt and tease them about having anxiety and/or panic attacks. People with anxiety can’t control when they get the attacks, so don’t make fun of them for something they cannot control.

Dealing with people who have anxiety can be tricky. It’s not something that is easily fixed or controlled. There are many options for people who have anxiety, no matter how severe, such as therapy and medication. The biggest way you can help is to admit that you don’t know what they’re going through, but still making sure they know that you’re there for them. If your child, friend, or sibling has anxiety, don’t create a scene about it. Talk about it calmly and make sure they are comfortable. If you’re out in public and they start to have an attack, just make a simple excuse (Ex: going to the bathroom, have to call your -insert here- outside etc…) get them away from the situation, so that the focus isn’t on them. Anxiety is a difficult thing to deal with, and frankly, a lot of people have it. It’s scary for the person who has anxiety because they feel as if they aren’t in control of their own body. It’s not something to belittle.


“Having a rough day?

Place your hand over your heart.

Feel that?

That’s called purpose.

You’re alive for a reason.

Don’t give up.” –Anonymous

Contributing Writer-Madison McDermott shares about Anti-Bullying. Encouragement and Inspiration at McDermott is a 13 year old actress, living her dream in Los Angeles, CA.  A naturally creative type, she also loves writing, drawing, and has an innate love of music. She is an 8thgrader at California Pacific Charter Schools, a virtual school that allows her flexibility for her busy schedule.  In her free time, she is also a volunteer for the LA based organization, Beyond Bullies (  Madison is extremely passionate about the anti-bullying movement and is using her creativity to bring attention to bullying as well as helping those who are being bullied.

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Hope Anchors The Soul! Heb 6:19

Positively Gigi:

Refuse to sink! HOPE Anchors the Soul! (Heb 6:19)

Originally posted on A Better Me Day By Day:

I was going to write more to go with this, but decided to just post the drawing. “Hope Anchors The Soul!” … REFUSE TO SINK!  ….. Enough Said!

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